Froth Au Lait Mini Frother Manual PDF

I just received the Froth Au Lait milk steamer as a gift and was looking for a digital copy of the instruction manual (as I do for all of my gadgets). I couldn’t find one online, so I scanned the manual to PDF and am hosting it here just in case anyone else is looking for it. Download it here

How to use IE6 IE7 IE8 and IE9 (and other Windows apps) on OSX Lion using VirtualBox for free (legally!)



Thankfully this guide is no longer needed!


Microsoft has released their own supported VirtualBox/VMware images for testing IE on OSX (and Linux). Download them fromĀ

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Zamaan Cafe Ann Arbor Menu

I couldn’t find the menu for Zamaan Cafe’s Plymouth Road location (in Ann Arbor) online, so I scanned and uploaded it. Get the PDF here

Data Management

One of my main interests is in figuring out the optimal way to manage all aspects of personal digital data. My end goal is to write a ‘best practices’ guide for users with varying degrees of technical knowledge, but for now this page will be a work-in-progress as I gradually fill-in the pieces.

A (mostly) exhaustive list of the data I’m considering:

  • Home Photos
  • Home Videos
  • Ripped/Downloaded Movies
  • Ripped/Downloaded Music
  • Personal Documents (emails, tax returns, chatlogs, scanned receipts, bills, etc)
  • Downloaded applications/games etc (E.g. through services like Steam)

Factors to consider for the above data:

  • Primary storage (where it can be easily accessible by multiple users, both local and remote)
  • Backup (both local and offsite)
  • Ensuring data integrity
  • Easily searchable
  • Cross-platform accessibility
  • Storing cloud data locally

After filling up with gas, this debug output came out along with my receipt. Leftover from previous maintenance?

ThreatFire silently blocks Plants vs Zombies and other steam games from running

Apparently there’s an incompatibility between ThreatFire and steam. Trying to play Plants vs Zombies just results in it trying to load and then silently failing without any error messages. Simply disabling ThreatFire protection isn’t good enough; I recommend uninstalling completely.

There’s a forum thread on the issue –

Use Google Docs as a lightweight ‘syncable’ shareable shopping list for your mobile phone

I’ve been looking for an ideal way to have a shopping list I can easily edit on my PC and then access with my mobile phone while I’m at the grocery store. Evernote and other programs which provide true file ‘syncing’ work okay, but just felt a bit too heavyweight for my task.

Enter: Google docs. I have a spreadsheet named ‘Shopping list’ that I can very quickly edit from *any* PC connected to the net. On my phone, I use Opera Mobile and have a bookmark directly to that specific spreadsheet. With saved passwords enabled, it’s only a few taps total to bring up the list. The mobile version also supports limited doc editing, although it’s too slow be all that useful.

*Bonus* – If you share write access to your shopping list doc, your significant other/housemates can add to the list without your intervention!

I’ve been using this system for a few months and found it to work wonderfully. Of course you won’t be able to access your list if you don’t have cell coverage at the store, but that’s never been a problem for me.

Personal IRC logging for easy remote reading

There’s a plethora of knowledge and insightful conversations that continue 24/7 on IRC. I’ve looked into easy ways to read these conversations at my leisure, but all the ‘ready-made’ apps came up short. I ended up using some scripts on my NAS to maintain a current archive of conversations in HTML format viewable remotely from any browser. Continue reading ‘Personal IRC logging for easy remote reading’

Using email filters to reduce distractions

I use gmail as my main email provider, and have been checking it using both Gmail Notifier and IMAP on my Fuze mobile phone. I never realized how much ‘junk’ went into my main inbox until my phone started alerting me upon every received message. I’m not talking about actual spam, but newsletters and notifications that aren’t really important but which I still enjoy reading in my downtime. I could have just disabled the alert, but that would be admitting defeat and negating a potentially useful capability of the phone.

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Remote control Xbox 360 music using a cell phone (or PC)

Since my AT&T Fuze is basically a portable computer, I’ve been trying to find cool (if not entirely useful) uses for it. For my latest project, I wanted to use it as a remote control for my Xbox 360′s music playing. Ideally, I’d like to use my 360 as a music player during a party and have the ability to remotely control the song selection without navigating the clunky Xbox interface which lacks any search features. What follows is a guide on what works (and especially what doesn’t work) for accomplishing this.

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