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Use Google Docs as a lightweight ‘syncable’ shareable shopping list for your mobile phone

I’ve been looking for an ideal way to have a shopping list I can easily edit on my PC and then access with my mobile phone while I’m at the grocery store. Evernote and other programs which provide true file ‘syncing’ work okay, but just felt a bit too heavyweight for my task.

Enter: Google docs. I have a spreadsheet named ‘Shopping list’ that I can very quickly edit from *any* PC connected to the net. On my phone, I use Opera Mobile and have a bookmark directly to that specific spreadsheet. With saved passwords enabled, it’s only a few taps total to bring up the list. The mobile version also supports limited doc editing, although it’s too slow be all that useful.

*Bonus* – If you share write access to your shopping list doc, your significant other/housemates can add to the list without your intervention!

I’ve been using this system for a few months and found it to work wonderfully. Of course you won’t be able to access your list if you don’t have cell coverage at the store, but that’s never been a problem for me.

Personal IRC logging for easy remote reading

There’s a plethora of knowledge and insightful conversations that continue 24/7 on IRC. I’ve looked into easy ways to read these conversations at my leisure, but all the ‘ready-made’ apps came up short. I ended up using some scripts on my NAS to maintain a current archive of conversations in HTML format viewable remotely from any browser. Continue reading ‘Personal IRC logging for easy remote reading’