Froth Au Lait Mini Frother Manual PDF

I just received the Froth Au Lait milk steamer as a gift and was looking for a digital copy of the instruction manual (as I do for all of my gadgets). I couldn’t find one online, so I scanned the manual to PDF and am hosting it here just in case anyone else is looking for it. Download it here

2 Responses to “Froth Au Lait Mini Frother Manual PDF”

  1. 1Sandy

    Thanks for posting the frother manual…my froth au lait arrived from Amazon without a manual and I am trying to track down why there wasn’t one included so truly appreciate your scanning the manual. I could not find an electronic one either…at least I can see if the frother works with your manual.

  2. 2Jeanne

    Thank you, Jeff. Over the past 3+ years, I used the manual so much I misplaced it. I truly appreciate you effort in posting it. I wish all companies posted manuals online for their customers.

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