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Use Google Docs as a lightweight ‘syncable’ shareable shopping list for your mobile phone

I’ve been looking for an ideal way to have a shopping list I can easily edit on my PC and then access with my mobile phone while I’m at the grocery store. Evernote and other programs which provide true file ‘syncing’ work okay, but just felt a bit too heavyweight for my task. Enter: Google [...]

Using email filters to reduce distractions

I use gmail as my main email provider, and have been checking it using both Gmail Notifier and IMAP on my Fuze mobile phone. I never realized how much ‘junk’ went into my main inbox until my phone started alerting me upon every received message. I’m not talking about actual spam, but newsletters and notifications [...]

Remote control Xbox 360 music using a cell phone (or PC)

Since my AT&T Fuze is basically a portable computer, I’ve been trying to find cool (if not entirely useful) uses for it. For my latest project, I wanted to use it as a remote control for my Xbox 360′s music playing. Ideally, I’d like to use my 360 as a music player during a party [...]